Machinery Available for Rent:

We offer a diverse range of equipment; excavators, bulldozer, electric man lifts, mechanical platforms, scaffolding, power generators, welding equipment, Air compresors, cement mixers, masonry drills, Job site steel toolboxes, fork lifts, aerial boom lift, all types of carpentry saws, steel benders / pan brakes, dirt and asphalt compactors, concrete blade cutter and different small tools

Freight and Transportation

We also have Freight Services and Transportation of merchandise to satisfy your recollection and deliver needs. We guarantee Quality in our Service

Our Mission Statement

To compromise and keep working with the same quality in the services we provide. That is the main reason why we promote the technological changes and learn from them to differenciate us from our competitors. 

Also, to train our personnel, to achieve our customers' satisfaction and help them solve their problems.


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